The Bozeman Birth Center provides a safe and comfortable environment where you can have a positive and empowering experience whether you desire a Homebirth or Birth center birth. Our facility is set up so that you can feel at home every step of the way: The Bozeman Birth Center: A great birth place!

The Birth Center Garden

The amazing Bozeman Birth Center experience begins before you even walk through our doors. Our Perennial Flower beds and “Reused” weaved fence capture the feeling of our “Home-like” environment.

Family Room

An inviting and home-like Family Room and Full Kitchen are at your disposal because when someone is in labor, everyone needs to keep their energy up.

Birth Room

Our Birth suites are equipped with Kiva-like fireplaces to enhance your birth experience with the ambiance of that natural glow only a fireplace can offer.

Exam Rooms

Our clinic area features 2 exam rooms conveniently situated in the east wing of the building: The first clinic room you encounter is designated for Prenatal or Women’s Wellness appointments. It is cozy and child friendly. The second clinic room is designated for postpartum care and it offers lots of space for everyone and everything that comes with a new¬†baby.

Main Entry

As you walk through the doors and step into our open waiting area, which is child friendly, you are greeted by our warm and inviting setting. Our office staff is approachable and eager to answer your questions.

Birth Room

In the west wing of the Bozeman Birth Center we offer 2 Birth Suites so the laboring mother and her birth team can have their privacy.

Whirlpool Tub

The birth suites are equipped for water birth with deep and roomy Whirlpool Spas: A fabulous and effective way to manage your pain. To learn what it is like to have a water birth please read some of our birth stories.

Post Partum Room

The second clinic room you encounter is the festive Post Partum room with enough space for everything and everyone that comes along with a new baby.