Jones Family 400x285

Rachael, Kelly, & Ezra

"The energy and intent of the BBC was so aligned with our best wishes for the journey, we wouldn't allow insurance coverage uncertainties or a "just in case" mentally to blur our focus."

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Eubank Family

Charlie, Megan & Leelee Eubank

"It was magical. It was beautiful. It was perfect. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. The only word I can think of to describe seeing her perfect little face and feeling her warm smooth skin for the first time is joy. Pure, total and overwhelming joy.

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Uberuaga Family 460x285

Bill, Michelle & Luke Zanoni

"For these few moments our birth was sort of like a Hollywood birth. The doctor was yelling and serious and I was doing everything in my power to push him out."

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Concert 460x285

Pete, Christina & Elle Edgecomb

"Surrounding ourselves with love and support from our wonderful midwife Kathy and tender doula Jen, we were able to transgress the birthing process with ease and before we knew it Pete had received our baby in his hands!"

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Bendickfamily 460x285

Eric, Suzanne & Talia B.

"Witnessing birth is life-altering not just in the sense that it changes the course of your life but changes the way you see it – what is valuable in it"

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Group 460x285

Rick, Melanie & Emaline Musson

"I appreciated that Mikelann always encouraged medical intervention when necessary. She and my doctor communicated and kept each other updated."

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Family 460x285

Neal, Trina & Jack Rainey

"We are so thankful for the support we had to have a natural, beautiful childbirth. We could not feel more blessed by this little miracle that fills us with joy every day."

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