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The Bozeman Birth Center offers a trusted resource list. We have a relationship with these providers and they offer excellent support for our clients. Each and every client is unique in their own way so we offer a variety of extended services references so that you can find the one that best fits your needs. Our resources are trusted by us and we recommend their services. Simply talk to your midwife at the Bozeman Birth Center if you have any other questions regarding the resources for The Birth Center.



Dr. Kimberly Maxwell @ Abundant Health Family Chiropractic, PC

Dr. Ali Schweitzer & Dr. Josh Prange @ Active Family Chiropractic & Rehab


Averee Chifamba @ Saddlepeak Birth

Jessica Hunter @ Empowering Doula Care

Kelli Stanley @ Tree of Life Doula Care

Beth Thorsen @ Satori Consulting


Suzanne Bendick @ Fresh Air

Rachael Byrnes @ Living Harmony

Denise Smith @ Botany of Being

Jennifer Viciedo- Trained Doula focusing on Mental Health