Our Team

The Bozeman Birth Center takes your health and safety very seriously. Our Certified Nurse midwife(CNM), Certified Professional Midwife(CPM), and staff Nurses have successfully delivered babies for 23 years combined. Simply ask your friends or around in the community about what we have to offer families in Bozeman. We offer natural water birth options for either a home birth or birth center setting, childbirth classes, lactation support, postpartum support, and ownership over your body and pregnancy. Visit the Bozeman Birth Center for Informed choice and education regarding proactive pregnancy care.

Kayla M. Wright: CNM , WHNP, CLC, PMAD

Certified Nurse Midwife / Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner / Certified Lactation Counselor / Perinatal Mood Disorder Certified

Kayla’s midwifery journey began at age 10 with her hands pressed against the pregnant belly of her 5th grade teacher and her dream was finalized as she graduated at the top of her class from Yale School of Nursing as a Certified Nurse Midwife(CNM) and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner(WHNP).  As a life long learner, Kayla has continued to develop her skills through direct mentoring with Mikelann Caywood-Baerg.

Kayla is a firm believer in the normalcy of the birth process and the intelligence of the human body. She has gathered her birth experience both in and out of hospital.  During her time in a birth center setting she was able to actively participate in the Natural birth process which helped develop her commitment to promoting both physically and psychologically safe space for birth and developing trusting, communicative relationships with her clients and their families. She views birth as a transformative, empowering journey for women and their families and delights in facilitating not only prenatal care but labor, delivery, and postpartum support.

An Idaho native, Kayla is thrilled to be back among the mountains and the people of the West. She enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, cross-country skiing, dancing, bike riding, and picking out tunes on her banjo. Lastly, she is honored to support new and growing families on their journey into parenthood.

Jazmin Price: CPM, MT DEM, CLC

Direct Entry Midwife / Certified Professional Midwife / Certified Lactation Counselor / Whole Foods Plant Based Certified

Jazmin’s midwifery journey began when she realized during her own maternity care that there was a deficiency in the maternity care system. At that moment she decided to “either be part of the problem or part of the change”. That was over 14 years ago. Since then she has been apprentice trained in  2008 to 2012 to be the first Alabama apprentice to become a CPM and was VP of the Alabama midwifery state organization. In 2015 she graduated with a MEAC accredited BS in Midwifery from the Midwives College of Utah.

Jazmin believes that mothers should be empowered to be active participants in developing their care plans through informed consent and respect from their chosen care provider. Her philosophy uses a holistic, evidence based approach that guards the safety of the birth process which allows a mother to completely “let go” and “birth her baby”. She views birth as a beautiful, normal, and natural event that should be honored as sacred and life changing. Furthermore, she strives to never forget that she is granted an honor each time she is invited to accompany a woman on her journey through pregnancy, birth, and into motherhood.

En route to finding her home in Montana, Jazmin was Neveda born and raised. She enjoys having fun family time, home schooling, raising open minded humans, and kicking back in their hot tub and taking in the magical Bridgers. She has experienced both hospital and out of hospital birth and encourages all women to find their midwife. She is a dedicated work-a-holic perfectionist, practices kindness, and shares empathy. Most importantly, Jazmin believes in being connected to her community and welcoming woman of all socioeconomic status’ with a warm smile and gentle touch.

Lisa Blank: Administrative Director, Childbirth Educator, Certified Medical Assistant

Administrative Director / Educator

Lisa brings a strong history of customer service to the Bozeman Birth Center and a passion for supporting women and their families in natural birth. You will also notice Lisa fills many roles at the Bozeman Birth Center to include but are not limited to office duties, laundry, gardening, childcare, grocery shopping, labor support, and organizing midwives.

Lisa is married to Jason, a Belgrade, MT native and has two children who were both out of hospital births facilitated by midwives. She enjoys this great state of Montana while she is hot springing, hiking, cooking, gardening, and planning her next staycation.

Furthermore, she holds a BS in Biology with a minor in Elementary Education, which helps in her growing 8+ years experience as a Childbirth instructor where she supplies women and their support with the knowledge To breathe and relax effectively; To nurse successfully; To parent realistically. She offers group, private, & refresher classes and structures them to fit your needs.

Lastly, beginning 2015 Lisa added small business owner to her list of things to do as her and her husband decided to purchase the Bozeman Birth Center and continue it’s legacy. She is striving to maintain the standards of the Bozeman Birth Center that the community and clients have learned to trust. With every client she feels honored to be part of their growing family and everyday looks forward to sharing her time, space & enthusiasm for natural childbirth.

Emily Hayes-Greenwald: RN, CLC

Registered Nurse / Certified Lactation Counselor

Emily joined our Birth Center team 2010. She received her Nursing degree in 2006 from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA which also included an intense internship in Women’s Health.

Emily is a Montana transplant raised in Michigan and after working most recently in Wyoming. Currently, the Bozeman Birth Center is fortunate enough to have Emily and her experience not only as a birth attendant, but as a former client which makes her an invaluable resource for clients because she understands both sides of their care.

Emily and her husband, Jason welcomed their first son, Sullivan in September 2011 by way of Waterbirth. She and her husband didn’t change a thing when their second son, Isaac arrived November 2016.

As a result, Emily is more committed than ever to nurturing families during their own out of hospital birth journeys by providing thorough, informed care and guarding your birth rite.