1. What does The Birth Center offer?

We offer women an unmedicated childbirth option for low risk pregnancies. We are a full scope pregnancy care which includes Prenatal, Labor, Delivery, Post Partum, Women’s Wellness, and Child Birth Education/Refresher Classes.

2. Can I have a Home Birth?

Yes, we do offer home births.

3. Does The Birth Center offer Vaginal Births After Cesarean Section (VBAC)?

Currently we do allow women with a history of one C-section an option to try a vaginal birth. However, there is an examination of the mother to confirm her eligibility to birth at the Bozeman Birth Center. We also require confirmation of your surgical procedure and recovery history.

4. What happens after the baby is born?

The baby never leaves you or your partner. The immediate postpartum time is a lot of observing and evaluating, but all of this can be done while the baby is with you. Weight and measurements will be taken. All care is done around the baby’s needs and the family’s personal preference. We honor these first few hours as precious.

5. Do you vaccinate at the Birth Center?

We do not vaccinate here at The Birth Center. We do offer education and referrals for vaccinations.

6. What happens in case of transport?

Your midwife can only play the birth hand that she is dealt. As a result, if while in labor your midwife becomes concerned for your safety or the safety of your baby, you will be transported to the hospital. Usually, this situation is discussed with the mother, the hospital is called to inform them that we are bringing someone in, and our complete medical records are given to the receiving hospital. If you have a personal physician, he (she) will be requested or the physician covering that practice.

However, if your labor is progressing, your baby is descending, your blood pressure is good and baby’s heart beat is strong, you will be given the time you need to deliver your baby.



1. Do I need to take Childbirth Education Classes?

If this is your first baby, YES! If you have other children, a refresher CBE class is available. Relaxation techniques and Labor education is only a couple of topics covered in CBE classes. The classes also offer your partner advice on how to be a supportive postpartum care provider and when to ask for help. Whether you take the class here at somewhere else, it is worth your time and effort.

2. Does the Birth Center offer Childbirth Education Classes?

Yes, we offer them quarterly (January/April/July/October). They include a variety of topics with specialized guest speakers. The space is limited.

3. Do you offer “Refresher” Childbirth classes?

For a woman who has birthed a child already, these classes are for you. They are designed to reinforce what you already know by reminding how to breathe, relax, and surrender to your mind, and body in labor.



1. Is it okay for a pregnant woman to hot tub?

Using a hot tub during pregnancy is great, just pay attention to the temperature of the water. Ideally, the temperature of the water should be at body temperature or a little above. If you start to feel woozy or light headed then get out. Be sure to drink fluids before entering the hot water.

2. Is it okay for a pregnant woman to sleep on her back?

Sleeping on your back is fine in pregnancy as long as it is comfortable. This comfortability level will be different for different woman. Simply, listen to your body.

3. Can the Birth Center advise me about my diet while I’m pregnant?

Absolutely. We take an active role in helping mom and baby get the kind of well balanced diet necessary. Everyone has a different lifestyle and we can help you develop a plan that fits your tastes and helps your baby at the same time. All of this is included as part of our prenatal care.



1. How much does it cost to have a baby at the Birth Center?

We pride ourselves on offering a reasonably priced option for pregnancy and birth. We offer many forms of payment and payment plans. Lisa, our office manager would be more than willing to answer your questions regarding the cost of your birth.

2. Does the Birth Center take insurance/medicaid?

Yes, we do accept insurance/medicaid. However, some insurance compensates better than others and medicaid only compensates a portion of the charges. So, please contact Lisa for specific insurance questions, she is available to help you through this confusing process.

3. Does the Birth Center issue a Birth Certificate?

Yes, within the first week of the baby’s arrival their birth certificate will be filled out. Usually at the 7 day visit in the office the mother of the baby will be asked to edit the certificate, sign it, and okay it to be filed with the state of Montana. Do not worry if you do not have a final name picked out at delivery, there is time to meet your baby and decide after you leave the facility. You will be given a non-legal copy of the certificate after signing and filing to show proof of birth and documentation filed with the state. You may also file for the social security number at the same time.

4. How much does an official Birth Certificate cost?

The non-refundable fee for the first copy of a certificate is $20; each additional copy ordered at the same time is $15. Fees for additional copies will be refunded if no record can be found. Payment should be made to DHS/Vital Records.